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Why not become a recommender for ID Monkey?

ID Monkey is a progressive organisation specialising in the production of personalised identification cards for Governments, companies, charities, clubs, and many other organisations where the use of an identification card is paramount to security,identification and marketing.

We wish to actively promote our ethos and business throughout Europe and have already launched divisions in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal.

As a recommender you will be able to recommend our service with no cost to you through our recommenders portal to any organisation(s) within those countries. Every single time they put on and or renew an identification card or membership card you will receive 20p or its current real time equivalent in Euros.

This service is available to individuals to help bolster their household income or to companies and payments are made by cheque when the amount outstanding hits your predefined trigger value. Pro forma invoices with or without VAT are automatically raised and dispatched via Royal mail when payment to your account has been made. Helping you keep your accounting records accurate.

With over 100 recommenders in the UK alone, already the service is tested proven and sustainable. Please remember there is no obligation to the individual or company to recommend us a particular number of times you may or may not recommend us as much or as little as you so wish, just remember your commission is an email away and paid up front.